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About DAAT

We are passionate tech-experts from the best research centers in the world and experienced professionals form top-tier strategy and tech consulting firms

Dynamic Tech

DAAT is a dynamic tech-and digital-strategy consulting firm. It leverages deep technology expertise to address businesses’ emerging needs in a time of radical disruption

New Scenario

Data and algorithms are transforming businesses’ day-to-day operations through automation, predictive models and AI. Mastering these capabilities will be key for survival

Core Competences

We have a deep understanding of the full tech stack, a passion for emerging technologies and a vast set of technical capabilities, complemented by international industry and research experience


We support businesses (corporations, SMEs and startups) across industries in facing their most pressing digital challenges, from strategy definition to execution planning and implementation

Who we are

We are passionate tech-experts

  • We are a group of young, passionate technologists and former management consultants, with solid academic and professional experience from the best research centers in the world and top-tier strategy and tech consulting firms
  • We are a self-selected group of talents, we leverage our deep knowledge of data, algorithms and machine learning techniques to develop predictive, preventive and optimization models, for any industry

State-of-the-art technology solutions to support entrepreneurial activities

  • We draw from our diverse, international experiences to develop innovative, cutting-edge digital solutions
  • We advise organizations on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to propose concrete solutions

Scientists from the best global research centers

Top-tier strategy consulting experience

Vast set of academic publications and research

Scientific Publications
Scientific Citations

What We Do

Custom Predictive, Optimization and Automation Algorithms Development

Development of industry-specific data-based solutions to address client business requirements, leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics techniques

Digital Process / Workflow Design and Optimization

Integration of custom solutions into existing processes and day-to-day operations to maximize value creation

Digital Academy as a Service

Support executives / management develop data culture, ability to contextualize and understand technology/algorithms implications on day-to-day operations. Advisory on data collection, storage and management techniques

Digital Strategy

Advisory on high-level digital strategy, use-case development and support in technology and data architecture assessment and decision-making. Support across project lifecycle, including implementation planning and execution

Business Model Analysis

Support in the creation of real economic value for all the main stakeholders, starting from their shareholders

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